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Beta Glucan had been know to us as an effective supplement to improve immune system for many years with many proven reports by various medical experiments by GMP as well as FDA.

Beta Glucan is substance found in mushroom, barley, oats and yeasts. Many health and immune enhance products are made in different forms (as capsule, powder, food additive, or liquid). Beta Glucans can be processed in different particle size, the smaller the particles the more effective it is to penetrate to bad cells caused from different kind of illness. Beta Glucans are found to be not only a preventive health medicine but also greatly improve immune systems for use before illness and cancer occur or as illness or cancer under treatment (as most chemo therapy tends to destroy immune cells). More research and products are available to the health market, even as supplement for pets to improve and enhance immune system.

Beta Glucans can also lower blood cholesterol and blood sugar by preventing access cholesterol absorbed from food or liquid we consume in the stomach and intestine. Beta Glucan produce white blood cells can prevent further infection, diabetes, common colds, allergies related asthma, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis. Many health care institutes also use Beta Glucan as injection treatment to stop cancer cell from spreading.

Many experiments proved Beta Glucans as safe (GRAS) and well tolerated supplement clearly increase immune cells within just 30 days of dosage, Beta Glucan proved to increase immune cells to eat and destroy foreign intruding cells. Beta Glucan is not a treatment medicine for illness or disease but a very effective immune system booster supplement and a healthy product safe to use.

Mushroom Beta Glucans are found even more effective with all natural and organic mushroom extracts with more activation of white blood cells with macrophage by Lectin which can be extracted through metabolic extraction from natural organic mushrooms.