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Medical researchers had been very positive about mushroom beta glucans in the past 20 years even though mushrooms have been used as nutritional supplement and as medicine for thousands of years. Mushroom Beta Glucans with its ability to increase and boost not only energy level but to increase immune systems.

Mushroom Beta Glucans effectively enhance immune systems by forming macrophages that can form cells in our immune systems to find and destroy invaders in our body. Other immune cells are produce ( B-cells, T-cells and NK cells) with different effects on different tumors.

Purified mushroom substance extracts is proven to have positive effect in lowering blood cholesterol and blood sugar level. As a healthy supplement on human as well as on animal and pets, it is proven to prevent absorption of access cholesterol.

Mushroom Beta Glucans also proved to prevent or heal infection, medical care institute some times inject ( in IVY) Beta Glucan into the skin of patients. Mushroom Beta Glucans also found to be effective against tumor spreading tested on animals.

Heart disease can be lowered with foods containing Beta Glucans , various food additives can be found in our daily salads or food. It can lower blood pressure. Researchers also found Beta Glucans can lower or reduce risk of obesity by increasing feeling of fullness.

Diabetes risk can be lowered by using Beta Glucans to lower blood sugar, glucose will be absorbed slowly and limiting blood glucose and insulin.