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We live in a world with all kinds of health hazardous by -products from the water we drink, soda, coffee, none-organic produce, fried food, pollution from automobile, from polluted ocean seafood we eat, second hand smokeā€¦and etc. These are the major sources of causing various kinds of alarming fatal illness (cancer and alike). Immunity analysis will be a key factor to prevent the possible hazardous particle to enter our body system. We are more aware of needing preventive measure for a healthier life.

Mushroom has been known by scientists and research field for improving health and having immune system enhancer, the natural and organic wild root (known as the Mushroom Beta Glucan) is put into research and development. Mushroom Beta Glucan was discovered to have effects with modulating the immune systems of living organism.

Further research proved that not only was the beta effective, it was also safe, with no toxic and therapeutic and with very little risk of overdose. Potent medicinal mushroom was cultured properly and carefully conducted to develop a special herbal medium to achieve energizing the living organism when the immune system is balanced and able to function properly.

A team of environmental and heath conscious, caring people and medical specialists in USA decided to look into how to improve and enhance immune as a preventive solution to focus and dedicate ourselves in developing a supplemental enhancement and preventive product to mankind for a healthier life. Over 20 years of research and development as well as undergoing many actual tests with different all natural and all organic ingredients, we successfully developed a effective immune system by using the core conviction that a medicinal mushroom supplement derived with the best extraction process and the best purification process is far superior to any other supplement with respect to its impact on immune system health.

Pattern is obtained as well as the most respectful and authorized safe (GRAS) under U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was Granted. This patterned all natural Multi-Species ingredients proven to be all natural and safe products in improving and enhancing immune strength and restore quality and healthy life. This immune solution is manufactured and produced in the USA with highest quality standards to serve our value customers for a well trusted and authentic quality immune health supplement product.

Moving forward, we will continue to provide other all natural all organic products for a better and healthier life for the ever growing concern for our environment.